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Our Mainstays


Songbird Pale Ale

ABV 5.3%
A new twist on an old favourite. Light and refreshing with subtle flavours of orange zest and floral. Lightly dry hopped with Columbus for an earthy aroma. Like a walk in the park, Songbird is easy going with a light bitterness and clean finish. 

Frequency APA

ABV 5%
Brewed with piles of El Dorado hops, this American Pale Ale is a burst of tropical flavour. Aromas of tropical fruit, lychee and subtle candy are complimented by flavours of pineapple and mango. Crisp and refreshing, this beer is crushable at 5% with a mild bitterness and clean finish. What's the frequency? All day long.

On the Lam IPA

ABV 6.6%
Get away with this Vermont style IPA. Aggressively hopped with Mosaic and Citra, and brewed with a fruity, hop-accentuating yeast, this IPA is the perfect escape plan. Full, juicy hop flavours of pineapple and ataulfo mango are complemented by a big tropical aroma. Medium bodied and brewed with pale malt and oats leading to a bright, cloudy appearance.

Velocipede IPA

ABV 6%
Inspired by the original name of the bicycle, Velocipede is a refreshing, well balanced, West Coast Style IPA. Aromas of citrus and subtle caramel are complimented by flavours of grapefruit zest and subtle pine. Medium body with an assertive bitterness that lingers, Velocipede is a true testament to the bicycle and the wild places you discover on the way.

Mr. Templeton's Wee Heavy

ABV 7.5%
Full bodied, dark brown with aromas of biscuit and caramel. On the palate is a pronounced maltiness, caramel and slight sweetness that lingers at the back. Satisfying, malty, and strong just like its namesake, Mr. Templeton approves.

Current Seasonals

Vinternat Liquorice Stout

ABV 5.3%
Danish for Winter Night, Vinternat is a liquorice stout that celebrates our darkest time of the year. Using raw Persian liquorice root, this stout is a collaboration brew with Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa. Nearly black in colour with a chocolatey head, Vinternat is full bodied and has aromas of roasted barley, dark chocolate and hints of liquorice. On the palate, a subtle sweetness, noticeable liquorice flavour and a cooling sensation unique to liquorice root.

Billow Maidens Kveik IPA - Sold Out

ABV 6.2%
Named after the daughters of Aegir, the Norse God of brewing, BillowMaidens is a series of IPAs brewed with Ebbegarden Kveik, a yeast used in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing. Tropical flavours with as light bitterness. Generously dry hopped for a bold aroma.

Pomegranate Milkshake IPA - Sold Out

ABV 6.7%
Brewed with piles of fresh, juicy pomegranates, lactose and vanilla beans. Big citrus and fresh fruit aromas and flavours, a lingering pomegranate tartness, with a subtle sweetness and creamy finish.

Flux Dry Hopped Sour with Plum - Sold Out

ABV 5%
Brewed with with fresh plums, soured with lactobacillus and generously dry hopped with Citra. Low bitterness with aromas and flavours of stone fruit, refreshing citrus and a sour finish that lingers, Flux is a series of ever changing experimental soured ales.

Luminescence IPA - Sold Out

ABV 6.3%
Brewed with heaps of Mosaic lupulin powder, oats and pale malts, Luminescence is a majorly juicy Vermont style IPA. Bursts of citrus zest and fruit juice on the nose are followed up by juicy, tropical fruit flavours of mango, pineapple, and ripened berries. Medium bodied pouring light and cloudy, creating a bright luminescence in your glass.

Burgundy Barrel Aged with Brettanomyces Garten Saison

ABV 5.3%
Aged in oak Burgundy barrels for 18 months with brettanomyces yeast, this Saison is the perfect compliment to a holiday dinner. Light and refreshing with subtle red wine, vanilla and charred oak flavours.

Milkshake IPAs

*Currently Unavailable

Brewed with lactose, vanilla beans and a pile of peach and mango puree, this IPA is rich and flavourful. Notable aromas of peach and mango and complimented by a tropical and fruity flavour with a subtle vanilla aftertaste. Generously hopped with Mosaic, the tropical notes are hard to miss. Pouring the colour of fresh summer peaches.


Our Barrel Series are small batch beers brewed and bottled with extra love. Barrel aged and refermented in the bottle.
Sold in 500 mL bottles only and with a limit of four per customer.


*Currently Unavailable

Happy Robot - Sold Out

ABV 6.5%
This Happy Robot will brighten your day! Bold aromas of tropical fruit, major hop flavours of pineapple and mango with a refreshing tangerine finish and low bitterness. Brewed with a hop accentuating yeast and generously dry hopped.