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Bicycle Craft Brewery was created from humble beginnings, much like many of the craft breweries before us. It started with a home brew kit, a passion for craft beer and a love for creating something delicious out of all natural ingredients. Founded in 2014, Fariborz and Laura wanted to share their passion for delicious, natural, down to earth beer. Their interest in new flavours and pairings have created some unique seasonal beers and ensured their mainstays are delicious every time they're poured.

Together with a hard working team, Bicycle Craft Brewery is about natural, well-crafted and delicious beer. Sourcing locally grown ingredients when available, donating all of our spent grain to local farms, and working with the community on collaboration beers, fundraisers and pairings, we pride ourselves on being your down to earth local brewery. All of our unfiltered ales are a true testament to the bicycle and the wild places you discover along the way.


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